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Our methods are not only 100% successful but safe at the same time. Read below to better understand.

There is more than one way to get to the finish line and we pride ourselves on the many unique ways to get the job done. All of our treatments are highly successful as well as environmental friendly making all the difference when its comes to your safety.

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Bed Bug Treatments


Not heat but still gets the job done at a high rate! Scientifically designed, our spray builds a barrier in which infects bed bugs once in contact.

They then spread this fungus to any other bed bugs in the area causing the population to die out overtime.

Extremely safe for humans, pets, and plants but immensely dangerous to bed bugs!


When you need heat but not a lot of it this is does the tick perfectly! In many cases homes and places need some heat, just not to the highest degree.

Steam heating catches bed bugs off guard, sneaking up on them without a moments notice.

This is also more cost effective if you do not want to go the extreme route but still a very good choice. One shot of steam will make a bed bug dream!


Heat is #1 killer for bed bugs! Whether dealing with a major infestation or just absolutely want bed bugs out of your hair, then this is what you want.

Our heat generators will heat up entire homes or offices killing ALL PHASES OF BED BUGS IN THE PROCESS.

This treatment also comes with a guarantee so give us a call to schedule yours today. WE DON’T CUT CORNERS. WE HEAT THEM!

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