Need A Bed Bug Exterminator in Charlotte?

Then you came to the right place! Let us end your Bed Bug nightmare.

Commitment over Concern. We inspire to treat the customer with ultimate care so that in the end there is no concern.


We understand that your living a real life nightmare and we are here to help. BED BUGS DO NOT DISCRIMINATE. They can and will attack anything or anybody that they can get there little hands on and make stress a whole lot harder to manage when around. That is where we come in and eliminate the problem ultimately restoring your peace. Serving North Carolina for years we feel as if it our goal to take care of the community that takes care of you and that is a traditional that we uphold to the highest regard. WE ARE The Gold Standard when it comes to getting rid of Bed Bugs so get it right the first time on us! Check out what we have to offer!


You always want to have that comfortability that someone has your back and WE DO. Striving to exceed the customer needs and bring safety back to there home. Information is key, so we take the time to inform you on all the signs and things to can do to help better the situation. Applying our top rated Guarantee Policy we offer satisfaction that just simply can’t compare. Treating each problem as if it was our very own.

We will do whatever it takes to get the job done and will not stop until we do!


Creating a relationship with our customers is important to us, we cannot complete the process without you. Working together to get the job done. Let us know what exactly is bothering you and the main concerns, we will dedicate our process to your needs.

  • Constant Communication – Throughout the process we will not lift a finger without your consent and knowledge.
  • Helpful Hints – Once completed we will send you a document informing you about the procedure and let you know what you can do in the future to prevent this from ever happening again.
  • Safety is Essential – All of methods are completely safe! We know that your family is the most important that is why stressing safety is our number one priority. All of our solutions are eco-friendly and we treat we the extreme care so that when we part ways you will be secure for the future.


When is comes to Bed Bug Removal other companies just do not compare, we go above and beyond to restore peace and quite back in homes. There is no questioning why we are superior in eliminating Bed Bugs. We demand excellence from our staff and they deliver.


The reason why we are so good at what we do is because we teach the process the right way.

All of our Techs are:

Highly Trained – We know where to look and what to do. Eco Thermal looks for character in our employee’s because the relationship with the customer is the paramount with us.

Licensed/Insured – We’re protected so that you’re protected! Offering reassurance that can’t be measured.

Discreet Treatment – One of the biggest factors is that your neighbors might be aware of what is going on and we completely get that this could be embarrassing for some so we erase that out of the equation with our guarded arrival. Nobody will know what is going on.

Treating Bed Bugs on All Phases: Residential, Commercial, Industrial. Eco Bed Bug does not turn a blind to anyone. Anybody that needs help is a guest in our house!


It’s just simple. We know for a fact that there just isn’t a duplicate of us out there. We stand head and shoulders above other companies and it reflects on our customers satisfaction knowing that they have no worries about being bitten.

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