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Our solution consist of ALL NATURAL fungal disease that eradicates bed bugs in an organic way. This eliminates the use of harmful chemicals that can be dangerous for your family and pets

Bed Bugs Vs. Science

Our solution contains over millions of microscopic spores that comes in contact with bed bugs, and spread rapidly amongst bed bugs infecting the entire population down to the nesting sites. These spores are absorbed and germinate within 3-7 days completely wiping your infestation out from the inside, out.


We administer a fungal barrier throughout your entire home, skipping no areas. We understand that bed bugs travel so we want the solution in any possible place where bed bugs could be. Typical places include bed frames, headboards, on the bottom of box springs, picture frames etc. This residual last up to 90 days, continuing to kill all stages of bed bug life.


Unlike many other treatments our solution contains  Beauveria bassiana which does not affect humans or animals. Beauveria and other insect diseases have been used to control insects for decades. On Its recent use on bed bugs they have turned out to be phenomenal for eradication and our customers would strongly agree.

Best of all is once a bed bug dies — new spores can from on the outside of its shell and those same spores can now infect others bed bugs that may still be in the home. Ending the problem regardless of the state of a bed bug.

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